Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Johor CIQ map picture route super update

update on CIQ, if ur confuse ... then ur normal !
that's why i blog alot about CIQ, not to condem it ok
don't get me wrong ... hahahahahah
there are only 2 way to get into Johor Bahru CIQ,
1. through Pelangi or through Town fly-over
2. through Stulang Laut
if u come from Stulang Darat then u need to turn left and
do U-Turn
Picture above is from Stulang Laut .. keep left
and yes there is a U-Turn to Permas Jaya - Stuland Darat
keep left to CIQ in front there is a matrixs of Traffic Light
drive slow because it's super confusing .. just keep left
notice that i do not post the picture here because i get
confuse and i had no time to take any pciture ...
cars and motorbikes coming in all direction ... F%$&!
anyway here's a trick to exit CIQ faster ... just keep to the left
but not the leftest left ... the leftest left has about 7 booth only
the left has about 14 booth and the booth starts here ...
u can clear within 10mins if ur car is at this location ...
if u accidentally and stupidly took the leftest left ..
then the Q would be more then 15mins
note that now there is no CASH pay, all using TOUCH and GO
u can buy Touch and Go at the counter ... above the picture
u can illegally park ur car and the counter is just beside the
touch n go banner ...
if ur a foreigner and u need to fill up the embakartion form
u too can park illegally in front and the office to take the
forms are on ur right counter ... just beside the touch and go
banner ...
if u follow my other CIQ blog .. here's the speed bump
that will F&^%$ED ur suspension ... maybe ur alignment too
and maybe ur balance of ur wheels too ...
there are 2 of these along the way .. so KEEP UR EYES ON
ROAD !!!
any saloon car will be F&^%ED ! don't worry ...

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