Sunday, January 11, 2009

CIQ how to from Singapore to Johor Bahru

coming back from Singapore ... or Going to Johor Bahru how to
hahahahahah i got a request .. actually i wanted to blog about this
but .. always forgot laa ...
ok the picture above ... after the Singapore Malaysia causeway bridge
by pass the old immegresion centre .... any lane .. no problem
it will end here ...  no more side parking to wait for your convoy
no stop here ok ...  (hard left uphill)
warm up you tyres @ CIQ hahahaha many corner and turns ..
exactly the same as JB to SG ... (hairpin right hill)
just get ready to turn ... (straigh to hard right down)
the wong ah fook police station on ur left ... (hill straight)
if ur a colim mcrae fan  like me ... i can do constand 60km/j
but kids .. please do not try these at home .. i'm we'll trained ...
i love CIQ .. thats the only legal corner that i can practice my skill
for FOC hahahahha ... read the warning above .... (hairpin left)
the next time ... i'll let u know how many G is each corner ...
not the G-String ok ...
coming to the Scenic Bridge ....
here is the extenstion that never took place ... the much talk about
scenic bridge .... very sayang ... 3 to 2 lane approching...
car keep left ... bus keep right... only single lane here .. but ..
if no bus ... u can use the bus lane ... duh ...
entering CIQ .. last right turn
2 lane to 3 lane above ...
do not drive at this lane now .. go back to ur car lane !
the bus lane is on ur rightest lane ...
entering the CIQ .. there are 4 lane .. 2 to your left and 2
to your right ... just follow these rules .. just don't drive to your
leftest lane and rightest lane .. keep to the centre left and right
you can clear the CIQ faster ... read below for my stupid mistake..
yes ... no more CASH payment .. die die must use Touch n GO
you can park ur car .. read the below instruction .. there is a
counter to buy those cards .....
there are many temporary car park to stop and to get your
immegresion white card ...or Touch and Go don't fret
 .. mai kan chong ...
the temporary car park is along the right side of the Terminal ..
long Q on the leftest lane .. please do not follow my route
it's a stupid mistaken .. look left ... bloody clear ... knn F%$&!
the red spacing is for you to temporary park you car ... on ur left..
in between the Pillar ...
exit immegresion checkpoint ...
CIQ exit ... 1 lane ... the other lane on ur left still CLOSE !
go straight ........
keep right here .... on ur left is to CIQ taxi stand ... or to
kim teng park
keep right to town, pelangi, senai keep left to stulang darat,
behind pelangi, permas jaya

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