Wednesday, December 24, 2008

CIQ how to - from Stulang Laut

if ur going to Singapore from Stulang Laut or The Zone Hotel....
on ur left exit to Jalan Lumba Kuda or BlueWave Hotel, (hairpin left)
middle lane.... of cos from here u can see 2 arrow .. actually very very
narrow 2 lane, that's the lane to the new CIQ on ur left..,
keep right to do U-Turn or go back where u came from, Stulang Darat...
on the left ... huge 2 lane, up the bridge, to JB town, keep left,
only 1 lane to town shared to tebrau hi-way ..(Pelangi)  super crammed ..
and if u keep right u'll have huge 2 lane to Hyatt or Skudai/Senai ..
here's the view if u misses the CIQ and ur going to
u get what i mean ? if ur lost ... it's common .. Malaysia Boleh...
go figure a U turn if there is ....
i wish u all the best going to Singapore or going back home to Singapore
either way .. the jurney will be a long and winding one ... why ???
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