Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New CIQ Johor Picture

 many people search @ google for the new Johor Bahru CIQ for either
MAP or Picture so here i am ... giving u either 1st hand or 2nd hand
of our new CIQ
ok here comes my compliant .. to whoever that design this ...
look maa ... 2 lane ....
 that's the scenic bridge ... yah .. it was scrapped .. and we paid
RM50 Million for the compensation ... yeah .. the amount was nothing
just a peanut ...
 i think i drove more then a kilometer to reach the terminal ...
look ... 3 lane ... 1 for motorbike, one for car and the other for
bus and lorry ... so nice .. so narrow so single lane ... like my kampung ...
 looks like we're out of idea .. this pics looks like 2nd link ... but i think
2nd link is much wider ...
 alot of counter .. i heard there are more then 60 counter ... i wonder
will we have 60 officer ??? that's for me to know .. for u to find out ...
 but the problem is .... maa look ... 2 lane ..
1 lane to Pelangi / The Zone / Permas Jaya (on your left)
and the balance 1 lane to Town, Kota Tinggi and Senai
i bohausiaw .. read the sign laa ...
conclusion ... if ur blind then sorry ... but hey u can read my blog
that's mean ur not blind ... ok now u do the math...
even if u have 1000 counter ... but only 2 lane entry and 2 lane exit ..
ur basically holding all the vehicle at the complex ...
like i say ... don't blame the custom officer .. they merely work @ CIQ
the CIQ is not design by them ... and to be frank .. their live is as risk
because it has a very poor ventilation ... because the booth are
built underground ...
anyway ... i'm lost of words .... so i end my new CIQ photo blog as
Malaysia Boleh ....
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