Friday, December 5, 2008

P1 Wimax Permas Jaya

I just got my new Linksys n-router Access Point up and running ...
just to make sure my P1 Wimax has a companion to play at night ....

here's the turtle that i have terminate my account today...

and this is here to stay ....... the results is obvious ...
unless ur blind ...

anyway ... i have clear sky view of the 3 P1 Wimax transmitter
1. Citi Square
2. Wisma KK Kam
3. McDonald Permas Jaya

they really mean business ... and i heard they will cover Muar
this year end .. looks like i need to subscribe 1 for my dad
too .. so that i can do video call with him and his chickens
(no pun intended)

below are my 3 other blog on P1 and the turtles ....
my 2cent prediction on P1 Wimax and TM Streamyx
my P1 Wimax overlooking JB Town
my P1 Wimax partner in crime

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