Friday, November 28, 2008

phil nostradamus prediction on STREAMYX @ Johor Bahru

message below is STRICKLY my 2 cent point of view,
so i'm no hell liable for any caused/harm that may caused to
anyone because it's based STRICKLY on my 2 cent view.
my 2 cent is based on Ringgit Malaysia fyi.

here's phil the notorious nostradamus prediction on Streamyx
in Johor Bahru ....

the monopoly game is about to end ......

1. this 4th quater of streamyx subscriber will decline
2. next year 2009 1st half will be a tough one
3. the current combo promotion sucks !
4. next year 2009 combo promotion will kill streamyx point blank
if the no brainer combo still do not revise
5. the streamyx promotion do not update itself for like a year now
that makes WTF is streamyx marketing guys doing ...
6. the new kid in the block is going to be extremely hard to ignore by
7. the new kid on the block will be ... who else if not P1, the wimax provider
8. P1 will cover most of Johor Bahru commercial site by 1st half 2009
9. P1 will cover most of Johor Bahru major residential area by 1st half 2009
10. streamyx will lose more of it's value customer eg, industrial, commercial
leased line, or fixed IP line by Q3 2009
11. 1 or 2 more new kid on the block will summerge in the market estimated
2nd quater of 2009 ... who ... i dunno ... my mind is out tired now ... since
already i predict 11 key points ...
12. streamyx will somehow or rather gives another stupid package to win
back their customer ... i wonder if they still armotised the fixed landline ????


1. i'm no anyway related to P1, but i wish so that they will give me
maybe 1 year or 10 years free usage of their service

2. streamyx is not my enemy, in fact i have been with streamyx since end 1995
they have once give me life in the internet ... i salute to them but they never
salute back to their loyal customer ....

3. i have been on the internet since 1991, so don't crap with me if ur 1st modem
is from Motorola with 33.6kbps, i have modem from US Robotics with 9.600bps
my icq # is 984551, u do the counting back ... i started ICQ when ur still playing
marbles ... and i started IRC on the Linux running on a CDROM.

now this is really ... bohausiaw ... ha ha ha ..

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