Saturday, December 13, 2008

ARRD 08 PD Port Dickson Malaysia (Live Coverage) Part 1 brings you LIVE report on
Amateur Radio Reunion Day 2008 @ Port Dickson, Malaysia
Celebrating 80th Anniversary of Amateur Radio in Malaysia
HF antenna
Mares station
read the sign
20 meter station
10 meter station
upclose and personal
the satellite station bench
flea market !!!! u name it .. they have it !
VHF antennas
more goodies
mobile antennas
vintage MIL radio
air coil = capacitor
MIL radio handset
one of our senior HAM operator on national TV interview
9M2FK, Eshee being interviewed by the local TV station..
nice !
we forgot to bring our tripod stand ...
so this is how we do it ... the DIY way ...
by the way ... that's my idea .. of cos with the help of 9W2JLG
and 9W2DAL to carry the pot up the chair and stuffed it with
stones ..... wah lau .. our waist nearly snapped on us .....
rigs for sale ... quick ... before they are gone !!!
HAM's relaxing at the resort ...
eyeball, HAM's cathing up
registration counter ...
tech talk by 9M2DX Dr. Ahmad Faizal from University Tun
Hussein Onn Malaysia
Satellite tracking station from Johor Bahru
tech talk do attract alot of HAM's crowd

ARRD 08 Live Coverage - Part 1
ARRD 08 Live Coverage - Part 2

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