Monday, December 15, 2008

ARRD 08 PD Port Dickson Malaysia (Live Coverage) Part 2

Celebrating 80th Anniversary of Amateur Radio in Malaysia
Callsign tags .. awaiting their owner
roti canai station ... one of Malaysian and my fav food ..
you can take it anytime of the day ... breakfast ... or lunch
or supper or tea time ... anytime can go we'll with a roti canai
dinner buffet style
our ARRD 08 host, 9M2PD Harichandra
makan time .....
this is what i had ... food is MARVELOUS !!!!!
kudos to Feeds and Meal
we were joking about the name of the caterer.... it sounds like
they are selling fish food or chicken food .....
we'll ....anyway the food is really damn GOOD !
 if i'm going to give a food review now,
 i'll give a 8/10.
We'll from the conversation with Rabin 9W2PD
he was told by his Chief that he was unable to help him cook
for the event because .... he has been admited to the
hospital with dengue fever ........ Rabin was all freaked-out
because the event was like around the corner .......
luckily his contact manage to get a hold of this caterer from KL
i meet DF5UG Hans Elhers, i hope i did not mixed-up my
QSL card.... yah i know ... i look more reddish that a
real mat salleh ... see the tone on my hands ... i was all out
in the hot sun setting up the satellite yagi antenna with the
rotator and also hooking up the G5RV antenna ...
the weather is real #$&#% ly HOT !!! but that doesn't
damper the HAM spirits hahahaha
lucky .... so lucky of us that the Roti Canai stall is there
when the heavy rain came about 0100hour, we're still
trying to get contact with the current bypass satellites ...
of cos .. with all the superb dinner, drinks ... alot i know ...
you know too... ha ha ha ..... supper ... and more drinks ...
i end up here ....
from Johor Bahru and Singapore ... in front of our hotel..
and of cos not forgetting with the host of the event
from left to right
9W2BUG, 9W2DAL, 9M2NP, 9W2JJR, 9W2PD,
9M2PD,9W2JOC and 9W2JLG
anybody ???
who says boats do not have licence plate # ...
low tide ...
nice cute lil' pebbles
apa nih ??? alien foot print ???
simply beautiful ....
in was here .....

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