Sunday, October 19, 2008

P1 Wimax @ Permas Jaya

P1 Wimax Modem/Receiver @ my balcony, only medium signal,
but look at the speedtest result below ..... now u have a choice
to switch and now u know ur an ass paying this much for a puny
1/4 speed .... (i was, but not after tonight)

I was pointing to Johor Bahru Town, so far P1 has 2 base station
in Johor Bahru town, one up in menara Sarawak and the
other up in Menara KK Kam. That's the info i got.

Feast ur eyes with HIGH SPEED sucker !!!

I paid RM 130/month for these turtles ....

Thanks to Feroz for borrowing this unit
for testing, else i'll still be whinning about my
download speed and intermittence data loss... fxxx

here the link to haven ==>

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Fendy Yacob said...

Hi Phil, I'm fendy also from permas jaya
currently i'm looking around to find a review for P1 wimax in JB.Glad i found ur blog.So phil after i looked at the speed, I'm about to finalise my survey for my internet conn.Which package do you subcribe? How the speed now especially rainy day?

Phil said...

Hello there Fendy, i'm actually staying at Bayu Puteri 1, so i'm basically overlooking Johor Bahru town, so that's why i can get the connection.

I'm on the 1.2Bbps plan. I suggest you ask your P1 salesman about your area, because my bro who stays in Taman Daya did the test and he's basically out of coverage, but ... my assistant in Taman Desa Cemerlang has the coverage.

P1 has now update their website .. so basically i have no idea where about in JB except Town and Desa Cemerlang

If u wish to contact me here's my e-mail

Phil's Blog said...

Update, P1 has coverage @ Permas Jaya

Point your DS 300 (modem) towards Permas Jaya McDonald, you should get super duper fast connection ...

Happy Broadbanding !


Phil's Blog said...

sorry, i did not answer your question ... i just found out .. ha ha ha ..

P1 Wimax don't care if it's rain .. this is not satellite based receiver... it's 2.4Ghz receiver .. say.. something like your mobile phone ... just that this receiver is much sensitive .. u need to point at the transmitter to get the full output ...

Permas Jaya is FULLY 100% covered ...

and the tips is .. this unit is under Warranty for only 1 year, so it's better to subscribe to 1 year plan ... RM10 more expensive then 2 years plan .. but look at the bright side ... if ur DS 300 f%$#ed ... you'll need to buy the DS 300 cash at RM999 if .. ur out of the 1 year coverage .... so RM10 extra is an insuranced ... ha ha ha