Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jota - Day 1 - Setup (19 Oct) @ Dataran Bandaraya Johor Bahru

This is the centre of the Clock Tower Square, overlooking Singapore

And these is the Clock Tower

9W2BUG was briefing on the coordinates

we want to make sure our antenna is pointing at the right angle
to counties we want to make contact ...

9W2JOH setting up the rotator

G5RV antenna unleashed ...

one of the yagi's antenna, to mount on the rotator, for satellite

this 9W2DAL's jelopy ... radiomania ....

3 tanks of helium .... sure can make a great party by sucking on it ..
you'll definitely sounds like chipmunks ...

9W2BUG with the balloon

getting all the harness with the G5RV dipole antenna hooked on

final check

here she goes

that's my puny fishing rod that save the day ... we use it to throw
the line, to hook-up our dipole antenna ... prove to be
useful when several attemps with water bottles and raffia strings
fails to get the desired height.

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2. JOTA - Day 1 - Setting-up (17-Oct-2008)
3. JOTA - Day 2 - Jamboree begins (18-Oct-08)
4. JOTA - Day 3 - Closing (19-Oct-08)

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