Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jota - Day 2 (18 Oct) @ Dataran Bandaraya Johor Bahru

Every year for the pass 51 years, the third week of October is
an event for the Scouts to have their Jamboree On The Air,
in short, JOTA.

Today marks the Anniversary of the 51st JOTA worldwide,
and I'm happy and glad that i can be apart of this celebration/event.

show car 1, sorry i dunno this dude, but he's our ham buddy ..

show car 2, owner Daniel (9W2DAL) this car has travelled
far up to China ... no idea how many times ... lost count ...

That's the Helium Balloon with G5RV configured as an inverted-V,
google is your friend, if you want to know more about G5RV.

MCMC, it stands for Malaysian Communications and Multimedia
Commission, in short, they are the authority behind the Radio
Bandwidth in Malaysia.

rear view ... background is 9V1 land, Singapore laa

This is Yaesu G-5500 Satellite Azimuth Elevation Rotor
with 2 Yagi antenna, one on UHF for Uplink and the other
VHF for Downlink , the rotators alone weight about 9kg,
just FYI ...

front view ... background is the in-famous clock tower of Johor ...

JOTA Malaysia calling frequency and Map Chart for reference.

seen here, a cool licensed amateur radio operator, assistant
to station master, helping the boys scouts making contacts
and taking their log

The boys waiting for the next session of contacts

Our neighbouring scouts from Singapore. In ham we call 9V one land.
Welcome to JOTA Malaysia ! Hope to see you again next year.

JOTA guess of honour Y.B.M. Tunku Abdul Jalil Ibni Tunku
Osman, (9M2TJO) having a chat with the boys

this is Daniel's 2 Meter band antenna for contacting local repeaters
we'll it ain't straight after the thunder storm ...

the equipment used for contacting the ISS satellite

here's the whole package

This event somehow has become a yearly event for Johor Bahru,
Johor Bahru On The Air, that's the even name for the year to come
Looks like we have this venue booked in the next calender year.

Top view from the stage, yeah ... rain coming .. so what ??...
Scouts and ham's spirits will never die ...

that's the G5RV doing the Inverted-V on the helium balloon

these are the G-5500 rotator's controllers control 360"
degree rotation and 180" degree elevation manually, above
is the computer interface, so with dedicated satellite tracking
program, the rotator will auto search for the incoming satellite
so that you can make contact with rather then sitting outside
with your compass and leveller meter.

after a long haul of fun in the sun with the radios ...
explains why we need to be here ........

last shot of the rotator tracking ISS at 7:45pm

check this out .... tracking satellite in action ...

1. JOTA - Pre Jota - Meeting and discussion (11-Oct-2008)
2. JOTA - Day 1 - Setting-up (17-Oct-2008)
3. JOTA - Day 2 - Jamboree begins (18-Oct-08)
4. JOTA - Day 3 - Closing (19-Oct-08)

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