Thursday, May 21, 2009

Herbs and Spices

The black pepper from Sarawak, put 1 into your mouth, it will taste
abit salty... then crushed it, if you feel the heat... then that's the original
Kayu manis or cinnamon stick, it's actually the skin of the cinnamon's
tree, these are tapered, beside my father's plantation used to grow one
but there are some greedy bastard who chops it down just to sell
it and make a quickie ... so the best cinnamon stick is the outer layer
of the tree skin ..... and that is hard to come by
khas khas, once was banned in malaysia because it's actually
a white poppy seeds .... wakakakakakakakakakaka
but not giving similiar effect as the poppy's latex that used to make opium
anyway, just for your information...... do you know
that there are 11 types of wild grown poppy flower ?
yes, poppy is a flower ... but it's illegal to grow one here...
in europe, it is legal because it is just an ordinary wild flower...
cool eh ....
anyway, be careful when consuming poppy seed's food like
muffin or cakes as it will give a false positive drug test ...
 (in the USA)
anyway back to khas khas, it is use to thicken curry or kurma and
giving it's extend of aroma
star anise
tumeric, from a ginger family, mostly used in curry for taste and color,
usually found in powder form, also use for coloring
biji ketumbar @ corriender seed
 fennel seeds, jintan manis
mustard seed, biji sawi

chick peas, kacang kuda hitam
australian dall

sagu seed
chick peas, kacang kuda putih
lake malawi dall
mung dall, kacang hijau pecah
mysore dall
fenugreek seed, biji halba
kacang hijau
urad dall, used for making thosei
whole urad dall
jintan putih , cumin seeds
 gula kelapa,
black eye bean
dry green peas
clove, cengkih 

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