Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yummy Steamboat - i got cheated

this vege fishball is tasteless i need to dip in soy souce to eat it
yummy steamboat, located along jalan harimau tarum, that's along
crystal crown hotel
i was bloody anticipated to dine in here because we have been
unsuccesfully dine-in because most of the time it was close,
no joke we have plan to visit this place for like 4 times i swear to
my god i never lie ... this makes me very very very dissapointed
and ruins my valentine's late supper...
as the title says ... i was cheated
because the name of the steamboat shop is YUMMY
so YUMMY my ass
u can see why there is soo much left overs...
the food sucks ... let me do into details.
B4 that .. this is a disclaimer ...
i'm no way spreading hate reviews upon the owner of this shop
if your's the owner of this shop, please go try all Johor Bahru
steamboat and do a AB comparison
or you can simple go to Jusco or Giant and buy the same exact
food stuff that you sell and do AB comparison ...
yours sucks big time....
untill you have improve your taste, please by all means
drop me a private msg and ask me to taste ur steamboat again
for me, i'm willing to pay more if anyone do serve good food
because my average food spending a months is about RM3K
me alone, not including my wife or family.
and i can tell u that i spend on food more then you do.
the fishball is tasteless
the crabstick is too soggy as if it's not fresh
the tauki + fishball is so so
the mushroom is OK but a little toooo expensive...
the fish is tasteless too ...
even after we boilt it for like 15mins the meat is still
hard and harsh and corse... c'mon ... i'm paying for this....
if you give me FREE ... we'll i'll keep my bloody mouth shut ..
but hey ... i pay lehhh ..... u put up the price ... i pay the price
can i not complian or say anything ????
the best part is ... this place is crowded ....
hmmm .... i'm puzzled ...
do i lost my sense of taste today ?
but ... i'm not the only one agreeing ... my another half also
agrees with me ... this is my 1st time both of us shake our head
from start till the end .. and she apologies for mentioning this place
that i loose my cool for a while because i paid RM 54 for a lousy food
anyway .... it's up to you to dare to try. if you did, please prove me
wrong ...... but before that, please compare with 7 others Steamboat
operator in Johor that are very famous of before u start to comment
else how can you judge without comparing ........
also please go to jusco and giant .. they sell alot of steamboat stuff
that are much much much edible this this ... i bet my 2 balls on this...

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