Sunday, November 2, 2008

Begger Chicken - Tmn Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru

was here with my friend from Finland sometime ago ...
ok now spot the beggar's chicken from this picture ...

it's actually one of the many stall that sell seafood and ikan bakar
(grilled fish)

he's the lady boss doing the flip on some squids ...
spot the beggar's chicken on the pan again ...

ok, i'll stop whinning about spotting the beggar's chicken and
give you a break ... ok it's actually, one kampung chicken (village
chicken) .. not those you get from cold-storage (kitchen's chicken)
this village chicken ... my own terms ... so u dun go and ask for
village chicken .. people staying in the village will KILL YOU ..
because they might think you're hunting for their virgins' daughter ..

this village chicken is those chicken rare by villagers
feeding them with fruits and vegetables and not by processed
commercial chicken's food whereby many suspects it contain alot
of hormones .. what the hell, i'm here blogging on the beggar's
chicken and now we're talking about chicken .. basket ..
go wikipedia laa

ok ... to keep short ... this beggar's chicken history, as u know
it's from some old folklore from China, chinese beggar where they do not
have the accessories to cook wild chicken .. so they wrap around it with clay,
marinated it with herbs of leaves, roots and fruits and wrap it up,
burn it with their camp fire ... that's how it get it's name from ...

ok, the commercial beggar's chicken above are about the same laa..
it's one village chicken, with chinese herbs and spice, wrapped in a
plastic bag .. then with and inch of clay and aluminium foil ...
bake it in a stove or charcoal ... after 3-5 hours ... tada .. it's ready to makan
the aroma of the herbs is marvelous .. the meat is sooo tender ...
i bet it has been marinated we'll ... so i got no idea issit more then 5 hours
anyway ... this one is 7.5/10 ...

used to be RM15 ~ RM 18 now RM 20 ~ RM 22 / pcs

sorry, i didn't bring my digital camera .. so no detail pics ...
i just bring my empty tummy ....

frog's fried with dried chili, onions, garlic, and ginger with
thick black sauce ...

*ti wang miaw* ... i got no idea the name in english or bahasa,
but somebody told me it's one of the favourite vegetable of the
Ching Dynasty's Emperor ... something like that ...

grilled stingray on top of banana leaves .. the leaves give bloody
good fragrant... but the chili sauce is the main point ...
this one not bad ...

since i've forgotten which stall i had ... so u can go try your luck
there ... but here's a tip ... don't act like u have alot of money
or ur from Singapore ... just act plain local .. this place is famous
of cutting troats hahahaha anyway ... so far no casualties laa

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