Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sony BDP-S590


Ok .. let me spill the beans again … I pre-ordered 1 unit and it came after 3 weeks, not bad, I’m the 1st to received this unit in Malaysia.

We’ll I vouch to that cos it just released to Malaysian Market as I was planning to get the BDP-S490 but they only have BDP-S190, so when S490 came, I think, I’ll better get the WIFI version and I’m ok to wait abit longer.

Anyway, here’s my new toy, the all in one Blu-Ray player. It has 1 thing others like Panasonic, Samsung, LG in the sub RM2,500 range do not have, the ability to play SA-CD

Here in summary of the 3 models.

BDP-S190 (RM499) = No 3D Support, No Wifi, No Web Browser, No DLNA, only 2channel Dolby True HD decoding but if your Received can accept PCM then there is NO PROBLEM in playing 5.1 Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master, use your received to do the encoding.

BDP-S490 (RM599) = 3D, Wifi Ready, need to buy additional Dongle Retail at RM199.00

BDP-S590 (RM699) = Everything included

There is this TOP model, that support more then S590 below :-

BDP-S790 (RM1,099) = SBMV (Super Bit Mapping for Video), 2D - 3D Conversion. But … Sony Malaysia have not launch this model.

So I bit the bullet and I get the S590 as my Blu-Ray titles that I collect already reaches the point where I either play it or re-sell it.


This is my 1st time owning a Blu-Ray player … duh I know … I’m catching up … but for RM699.00 this is the BANG ON THE BUCKS comparing all the brands in sub RM1,000.00 has to offer.

If your looking for all in one with 3D and Wifi and SACD. Get this… I have check the internet and I do have a DVD by Sony, many says that the disc loading is slow… yes for DVD or older model of their Blu-Ray player… this new series of BDP do no have this lagging disc load problem, it even has options on Standby Fast or Standby normal (slow) of cos the later saved more idling power, but since MY power tariff is still affordable, I leave it to Fast Wake up. Duh …I don’t even plug off all my home theater, notebook, pc’s or whatever … not lazy … but I’m Italian remember …

ok here are some pics to make u salivated …

2012-07-08 17.40.34_resize

We’ll u know me … I always wants to be the 1st to aquire new stuff … here … I did it again … 5th July 2012 … hot from the courier to the SONY shop I ordered. They didn’t have time to display it and off it goes to my home. I personally hand carry it back … duh .. this don’t weight 50kilos … hahahahaha the anticipation … is really awesome !!!

2012-07-08 18.05.21_resize

the setup is idiot proof … everything went smooth as silk … I got it hooked to my home wifi … and I did the upgrade … to the latest ROM …

2012-06-28 22.04.54_resize

my collection waiting for me to DISCOVER !!!!!!!!!!! bought some in HARRIS and some HVN and some in Singapore … I only watch ORIGINAL … as I have this habit of … either the best or don’t owned it !  I support the producer and whoever in the chain …so that they will KEEP making GREAT MOVIES …

want to borrow ? sorry … I had many many many bad experiences …



I bohausiaw…………………

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