Thursday, December 29, 2011

Backup Restore and Upgrade ROM Galaxy S2 / SII


Here is the Ideal way to do your Backup, Upgrade and then Restore your Samsung Galaxy S2/SII

Download Samsung KIES, the latest version should read


Then restart ur PC.

When you connect the USB cable to your S2/SII, there will be USB Update that you need to wait for it to download and restart your KIES, if that USB Update driver do not auto start, check if your KIES is working, if it is not working,



Click Troubleshoot connection error, it will Install the USB Driver and Restart your PC.

Once done it will recognise your S2/SII.

The trick to Backup, Upgrade and Restore in minutes is these.
1. Copy your PICTURE to your PC
2. Copy your MP3, Video bla bla bla to your PC
These will SPEEDUP the process, believe me, else it will take days.


You want to select all, once you have MANUALLY copied all your PICTURE and MP3 and Videos and other huge files.

Forget about games or shit that you download, just copy the names and you can re-download that again at the Market or anywhere else that you have picked it up.

Things that you have BOUGHT through Market, don’t worry you can download it again, it’s there, Once Paid it’s always there. Those that you do not pay, you can just download it again ..

Once you have back it up, it’s time to disconnect and reconnect again, it will prompt you that you have a new ROM version

It look something like this … I forgot to snap it .. so here I write it down

current firmware version PDA:KI2/PHONE:KI1/CSC:KH1(XME) = 2.3.3
latest firmware version PDA:KL3/PHONE:KL1/CSC:KL2(XME) = 2.3.6

Click OK and wah lah … some bling bling you’re done.

Seriously, you want to factory reset your S2/SII because it’s DOGGY after I have upgraded fr0om 2.3.3 to 2.3.6, my phone keeps autoreboot for GOD knows how many times, so since I have backup everything … I think I did …. I reset to factory default and wah lah …
I lost everything on the phone, YES, that is what FACTORY RESET means … so be cool … wait … I’m restoring now … will update once it’s done …


till then .. finger crossed …….


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