Sunday, April 25, 2010

Giant Iguana my new MTB (Mountain Bike)

got this 1 week ago lah … from WORLD No. 1 bike maker GIANT …

of cos there are like 50 other brands .. but hey .. i come from BMX era .. i think i start to ride at the age of 5 because at the age of 7 i ride to school … till age 16 … and continue to ride after college age 20 till today

so i’ve riden alot hahahahahha from BMX, Haro, Tange, Dyno, GT, Mongoose, Kuwahara to Racing bike, Look, Cinelli, Schwinn and Campagnolo

so choosing a entry level MTB is a real pain in the ass .. since many new names coming up like mushroom after a rain … but hell .. going with world no.1 brand will be my safest choice .. so here you are .. my GIANT Iguana … super entry level … but sincerely speaking .. NOT CHEAP hahahahah u go and get a quote on the part list below ..

Giant Iguana

here are the spec .. hope to make u salivate hahahahhaha

Frame Giant Iguana  
Fork SR Suntour SF9-EPILON LOD 130mm w/rebound
Head Set Cane Creek    
Head Stem KORE ELITE  
Handle Bar FSA Kforce DH  
Brakes Lever SHIMANO DEORE BL-M595
Brake Hydraulic Pump SHIMANO DEORE BR-M595
Brake Disk/ Rotor SHIMANO DEORE SM-RT51 160mm
Crank set SHIMANO DEORE Hollow Tech FC-M590 175mm
Front Derailleur SHIMANO DEORE FD-M530
Rear Derailleur SHIMANO DEORE XT RD-M772

this is a fully customise Giant Iguana because stock comes with Shimano Deore full set. shop owner change 1/2 of the stock to lightweight Shimano XT and with my personalise setting … a 130mm travel fork …

just update a computer … Cat eye Micro Wireless .. opps not in this side of the handle bar hahahahaha also not here are my SIXSIXONE helmet ahhahahahha

FSA DH Special

FSA KForce DH carbon fibre handle bar and Kore steam, XT shifter, total saving of 450g compare to stock, the Deore Brake lever is stock i see no reason to change because this hydraulic unit has adjustable travel and 1 finger light braking is already a God-Send to me …

Hollow Tech

stock Deore Hollow Tech … eying on XT .. akan datang …

XT Rear Derailer and Casette

XT Rear Derailleur and XT Cassette, i’m comparing to Deore stock .. hell i save 330g here … 

Suntour Epicon LOD

There are world cheapest AIR suspension with 130mm travel and comes with rebound and lock-out adjustment .. and it weight less then 1.5kg .. unbelievable !!! with this weight it really kick Rock Shock, Manitau and Fox asses big time .. just that many ppl do not know Suntour, in my BMX era .. SUNTOUR = GOD, the are best at seal bearing hubs … ppl steal this for personal use .. and not to sell…


bringing this Epicon to Austin to test the downhill tomorrow .. of cos .. i’ll be going slower then usual and next week to Sri Alam dirt trek … if this ain’t break .. i’ll get another one for spare … weight loss of 450g from stock XRC below are XRC used for 1 hour … too low for me and it hurt my back, hands and neck …

Night Cycling

Night Cycling …


my akan datang list

1. XT Crankset (weight loss of 245g)
2. FSA SL 280 Carbon (weight loss of 100g)
3. Selle Royal Gel seat (weigh loss of 100g)
4. Mavic something something rims/hub/spokes (weigh loss of 500g)


currently i have clocked 118KM in 9days because i cycle every nite ha ha ha …

Anyway .. for new or old or current biker out there .. don’t ride without a a HELMET … and ride responsibly on the road because in where we life … no motorbike, car, van, MPV, bus or lorry will give a fuck for cyclist … unlike in Singapore, the government stress that pedestrian is a PRIORITY on the road.

Note: not saying that other brands are not in par with GIANT .. just that from my personal point of view… to start with a GIANT is a foolproof beginners choice ..  by dream MTB are FD Free Ride style because it mimic my BMX era and stunts … Corsair full sus frame with FOX 40 and Crank Brothers Rims, DaBom Hubs … these will cost me 15K RM already … just got my quote … total dream bike will cost easily RM25K hahahahhaha anyone wants to loan me the moonies .. i’ll do double summersault on a 12feet jump … just for u …hahahahahha


ok i admit .. i’m darn farking addicted to MTB … nuff said …

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hye ~ i know this is old post ~ but may i know ur giant iguana price??? if u still remember ~ :p