Sunday, April 25, 2010

BMX – proberly world most wanted

my old skool BMX , cost me about RM5K 20 years ago …

start with the list … this will either bring back you childhood memories or if you don’t .. that’s means ur a weenie at that time.. you don’t know how to ride a bike … boooooo !!!! wakakakaka

1. Frame = TANGE
2. Fork = FUSION
3. Handle Bar = GT
4. Stem = GT
5. Headset = TANGE
6. Headset Lock = SUNTOUR
7. Panel Plate = O.G.K.
8. Handle Grips = TANGE
9. Brake Levers = DIA COMPE Bulldog
10. Brake Callipers = DIA COMPE Bulldog
11. Brake Pads = ASHIMA Racing
12. Gyro = ODDYSEY
13. Seat = SELLE ROYAL Italy (Brand New)
14. Seat Post = KUWAHARA Laser Post (Brand New)
15. Seat Clamp = GT
16. Crank = HARO FUSION 1 piece Crank 170mm
17. Paddles = SHIMANO DX
18. Bottom Bracket = TANGE Seal Bearing
19. Chain Wheel = HARO FUSION 44T
20. Chain = IZUMI
21. Flywheel = SHIMANO 16T
22. Rims = ARAYA BLACK Color 7x 20 x 1.75
23. Spokes = ASAHI Stainless 194mm
24. Nipples = ASAHI Nickel
25. Tyres = MAXXIS M-Tread
26. Inner Tubes = MAXXIS
27. Hubs = SUNTOUR Seal Bearing

here are some of the parts in detail, got it from some collector all over this world …

Araya Rims

Araya Black rims … if u have this .. ppl bow down when u ride pass them ….

Shimano 16t

Shimano 16t (for BMX racing) or 18t for freestyle … will never brakes even u brake ur bike frame .. cro-moly 4130 sprocket … bite that sucker !!!


these are new stuff .. MAXXIS M Type for Freestyle and Freeride …


these are cable management clip … if u use cable tie .. ur sooo cheappp !!!!

Suntour Seal Bearing Hub

SUNTOUR started their 1st product in Japan .. seal bearing HUBs … so that you don’t loose any ball bearing when you do a 4 feet jump …


Fusion fork cro-moly 4130 .. i break a few of these … because of my miscalculation i ended landing nose dive …. that time …we land on flat ground … not connecting ramp … aren’t we good … hahahahhahaha

Asahi Spoke

Asahi spokes … u never will break them .. u just bend them back …


4feet or 12 feet landing .. these seat post make sure u had a great rebound KUWAHARA laser post … cro-moly 4130 construction .. never seen any broken or bend .. what i saw .. the frame gave way … it’s titanium those days …

note : cromoly and cro-moly 4130 is 2 different material .. cro-moly 4130 is the real DEAL


the kings of all kings .. and we step on em .. Shimano DX Pedal … shoes or slippers … it hold u when u do ur flipping or 360 or even summersault … bad part is .. ur leg shins has many bloody holes …because it comes with 9 studs … if u seen any kids with bloody shins .. u know who makes them …


Ladies And Gentlemen … may i present u .. proberly WORLD MOST WANTED Old Skool BMX that will definitely brings back your childhood dream and memories and ET, a 1982 Steven Spielberg film.. with still standing 9th biggest grossing film of all time and gross over USD700million in year 1982 … goddammit !!! that is farking alotttET_Moon


and here is my Old Skool BMX … super rare, money can’t buy, not for sale, purely collectible item, will try to pass to my son and grandson ..

this bike has gone through the test of time … flying down from as high as 14feet about 2nd to 3rd floor of a shop house and flying up a 4feet ramp, clocking near 12feet high … and many street racing (countless illegal racing) and illegal dirt track … jump over 8 feet monsoon drain … doing 360 flip on air and 10km wheelie from my kampung to muar town and been thru.. done that …quarter pipe and half pipe .. the owner .. that’s me .. suffered many internal bone breaking injury and external scar marks .. but still alive and kicking and still blogging at 6:12am 25th April 2010 .. WTF hahahahhaha

Phil BMX

pure classic … would only trade in for *BEER FOR LIFE*  else .. no deal ..

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