Sunday, February 7, 2010

SOL Beer

SOL beer ... FYI Sol in Latin mean Sun .. that's explain the Sun Ray
on the bottle ... ok the Origin of Sol is from Mexico, 1st taste similair
to Corona ... because the custom to drink Sol is with a wedge of Lemon ..
exactly like Corona ...

So i missed the original taste ... Duh .. anyway comparing with Corona,
majority chooses Sol compare with Corona .. for me ...
my tounge is abit numb for a sincere review today .. so i skip the review
and just put Sol is equal to Corona ...

will update the actual taste when comparing a bottle of Corona and
a bottle of Sol to justify the taste difference and my prefered
mexican Lemon Beer ...

like corona's origins ... sol are best drink on a bloody hot day
or a day out on the beach .. a wedge of lemon or lime is a must ..
and if u drink up on a glass .. salt the rim of the glass ..
sure damn refreshing and cooling ....

i was thinking .. maybe this CNY i should change my Tiger
to Corona or Sol aahahahahaha since we're in a drough season now..


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