Tuesday, February 9, 2010

P1 Wimax kene Potong

we'll ... a year ago .. it was good news for me ..
now after 14 months .. it's a curse !

below are stats from Streamyx, Celcom, Maxis and
P1 Wimax back to back speedtest ...

Streamyx has the most stable broadband after 10 trial
the above figure just maintain ... i think TM has done
some upgrade on the nodes ... KUDOS to TM

I just signup for 1.2Mbps dedicated broadband from
Celcom this afternoon because i'm going to
potong P1 Wimax .. why ?? just see below result
i get from P1 nowadays .. and the best part ..
at time ... i see RED indicator .. no matter how i
reset or re-point the DS300 .. it still RED ..
dammit ... i have enuff ...

this is P1 at 1am morning .. the worst time of P1.
8-12 am is OK , .. after evening ..
the speed will be crawling ....

this is P1 at 10am, we wish this speed will be constant
but it won't .. in the evening .. it will be like a 14.4kbps
modem ....

this is Celcom at 1am, the ping is longer then Streamyx

Maxis this morning at 8am, is about on par with Celcom
but still losses to Streamyx
So here i conclude ... TM Streamyx has IMPROVED
their services in terms of BROADBAND services.
For mobility, Celcom ranks 1st and comes Maxis second
for now.
I'm going to get a Digi Broadband later today....
so stay tuned .. to who's the boss of Broadband ..
definately not P1 cos i'm going to POTONG them
today !!!!

Note : my judgement are based on
 P1 Wimax , Streamyx, Celcom and Maxis
comparing side by side ... unless u have those above
to compare, then please proof me wrong ....
i'm open for serious discussion ... as a customer
we pay for what we don't get usually ...
and what's written on paper is utterly rubbish ...

i bohausiaw ....



Ben said...

Walau, initially though u potong Phil One (P1) :P Ooh it is P1 Wimax... Never use them and very likely not gonnan to use them in future after reading u super duper damn cool side-by-side comparison. I'm using Celcom whenever I'm in Msia. Well they're not the perfect at least their call center is responsive is you cannot resist the urge to talk cock when the line down :D

Phil's Blog said...

19th March 2010 marked another History of my home Broadband or simply narrowband (actually) ... Streamyx went ONLINE and P1 kene potong .. the best part is i paid deposit for P1 and even after i potong .. i still have 1 more farking month to use .. to finish up my quota that i never finised .. i think i will use it to surf PORN !!! hahahahahahaa