Thursday, November 5, 2009

what is Malaysian goverment doing to me ???

with the new fucktup budget

now buying a house is a BURDEN TO MALAYSIAN

with the current BLR rate from the Bank Negara of 5.5%
Now, all banking institution will not absorb the legal fee,
so now i need to pay the legal fee of over 8K for my new house

for all we know the bank already make alot of profit
out of our loan ... u know .. Bank is Licensed Along ..
with government backup ... knn

and as for my manee in my EFP, i can only withdraw 10% of my
Purchase Price

fuck .. that's means i cannot withdraw all my current monee
on my account 2 ..

this is soo unfair .. that is my monee .. why can't i take it all out
... i need the money for my house renovation lehh...

so .. i think the governments wants everybody to rent a house
from some rich datuk or tan sri rather then buying. ..

here ... i see no effort the Malaysian government
is trying to help the Rakyat ...

what our government is really doing right now
is ... please read the headlines in our local newspaper..

easily these top stories
1. Corruption
2. Corruption
3. Corruption

i think we're world Famous now ...

or .. are we are always famous for that ...

duh ...

after 50 years of independence .. everything has becoming
so un-affordable

do u agree ????


chan said...

hey bro, not all banks started this new rules yet. Some banks extend the Zero Entry Cost package until 31st Dec this year. Btw, where is your new property located??

chan said...

I just got mine from Adda heights newly launch phase 4, cheapest cluster house in jb market now hahah