Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Amazing Thailand Part 1

this is no Steve Irwin .. but a local trained Thai crocodile man
waking up the crocodile for a show that will make our jaw dropped ...

seeing is believing ...

don't prey prey .. a misjudge or miscalculation will end up losing a head

crocs feeding time ....

crocs meat for RM10 for 5 stick ... taste like pork .. yummy !!!!!!

this picture sparks controversial matter in my facebook,
i have more then 2 dozen of people questioning is the crocodile
i'm sitting is real/alive .... u say leh ..... knn i bohausiaw OK !!!

1 comment:

BUG said...

Pity that blind crocodile bro. Since that fella cannot see, you escape la...else we will ended up seeing Satay Phill. :)