Thursday, October 22, 2009

P1 Wimax Quality Johor Bahru

do you think with only complains will solve your problems ?
we'll, if only with complains then P1 will take action
then that is too late, i wonder in P1 is there is any engineer
or someone that is looking at their bandwidth ???

for what i know there are hundreds of P1 sales and
marketing people all around Johor Bahru main spots like
shopping center, hypermarkets, main roads, food courts
u name it .. u can see those people in blue, green and black.

but i wonder is there is anyone in the technical room
here in Johor Bahru ???
or if they have any ????

below are ping test i just did ... see for yourself ...



 latest speed test before i took the picture below ...


 check out the GREEN status on my P1 Wimax DS300 Modem
it's on HIGH SIGNAL meaning i'm face to face to the
repeater station ... so the above test is justified to say
that P1 Wimax broadband service = SUCKS !!!

so what we can do now is call the hotline and complain ...
this is what we Malaysian practice ... but will the service
become better ??? (finger crossed) i still have 3 more
months to go to terminate my P1 Wimax Line because
we're all UNDER CONTRACT !!!!! that's the best
part ... u pay monthly bills + contract so that they can
monopolized you for a year ... your actually paying for their
setting up cost ...

but every month you pay that certain amount of $
are u fully utilizing  it ? I bet no... but when ur utilizing it,
it starts to fail on you ... so basically your paying for the
defect, the intermittence and the lost of connection ...
and the best part is .. your actually feeding feedback
to them .. or in layman terms .. you feedback is
helping them to solve the problem in your area ..
or for them to rectify the error in your area ...

they should be paying us .. don't u agree ???

anyway .. Bravo !!! ... your an Idiot... same like me ...

do a search on P1 Wimax in my blog ... there are any
hidden information i shared ... like hacking the DS 3000


P1 Buddy said...

May i have your account number? i will try to solve your issue :)

Phil's Blog said...


i sure hope you guys can solve this issue ... else i will have to potong ...

cy said...

Phil. Its truely asia isnt it =)

Phil's Blog said...

it's Truly Malaysia ....

hey u know .. YTL e-Solutions is coming up with their Wimax Services starting soon...
I'm kinda anticipated towards this YTL fellow because for what we know .. our house/apartment's cement foundation are made by YTL group of companies .. i have good vibe with YTL because this billionaire really means business wan .... so P1 .. i bet u need to really really brush up ur services else .. you will definitely kene Potong ....