Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mona Lisa 25 Secrets by Leonardo da Vinci

opportunity of a lifetime .. to have seen the world
most famous painting and of cost .. most expensive too
La Gioconda  or in English,  Mona Lisa
Da Vinci took 5 year ++ to paint this picture and not many
knows that this painting was however still unfinished when he died...
he would then taken with him whenever he travels,
thus the deterioration of the paintings contributed to wear
and tear and the poplar wood he painted Mona Lisa
i had the opportunity to watch and admire Mona Lisa
the way Da Vinci painted 500 years ago and the
current Painting @ the Louvre, Paris, France.
with the current state of the art photography and
digital technique scientist are able to take several
original picture of the painting and aged the pain
through software and later to produce the 500 years old
painting as what Da Vinci intended color to paint.
"Pascal Cotte, French scientific engineer and photographer of fine art, 
invented a 240-million pixel camera to photograph the Mona Lisa in the Louvre"
i even had the opportunity to view the back of drawing ...
the poplar wood ... from behind .. there is a name ...
hand written by Da Vinci ... and some other goodies ....
as for Mona Lisa ...
it was really .. truly amazing ... the painting details is like
polishing diamonds, with much care and brush technique
that even Da Vinci learn and applied many new technique
over Mona Lisa over the 5 years plus duration ...
it is not because of the details .. it is because some
details you need special technique and at that
time ... Da Vinci has yet to get the idea and technique
thus the painting is still not finish and there are witness
that when he died, he was holding this painting of
Mona Lisa ....
 the infamous Last Supper picture ... 
it took Da Vinci 5 years ++ to complete and most of the time
he was not painting it ... however he was outside in the street
watching how human interact and how human express themselves
and when he got the idea, he will paint it for days .. at times without
food and water for days ....
above picture is not just an ordinary picture with Christ and
his deciple .. in fact only if ur an artist you then would know
what technique that he applied and how balance is all the
character and intentionally put Christ as the topic with the little enlarge
of him sitting in the middle of the table ...and the expression of his
deciples when he announce that one of them are going to betray him
the picture as if in a motion.. it would be about a 5milisecond after the
announcement  ...and  that's where Da Vinci took the image and
painted on the wall for 5 years .....
the actual painting now can be viewed at
Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy, however the painting
has already suffering from damage  due to Da Vinci technique used 
500 years ago that it has catch mold and some color has fallen out.
theVitruvian Man ... drawn by Da Vinci, but idea
behind of the double image of a man is the key of measurement
by an architect named Vitruvius Pollio.
The drawing is traditionally named in honour of the architect.
For example ...
  • a palm is the width of four fingers
  • a foot is the width of four palms (12inches,1 feet)
  • a cubit is the width of six palms
  • a pace is four cubits
  • a man's height is four cubits (and thus 24 palms)
  • the length of a man's outspread arms is equal to his height
Da Vinci .. self potrait ...
too bad ... if your interested like i'm ....
the Da Vinci The Genius exibition @ Singapore Science Centre
ends last Sunday 16th August. The exhebitor are Grande Exhibition
from Australia.
The exhibits are from Da Vinci's collection of arts and mechnanical
concepts replicas from around the world. In short, visiting this exhibitions
means you've watch the whole Da Vinci's collection of Science, Mathematician,
Engineer, Inventor, Anatomist, Sculptor, Botanist, Write, Musician, Painter and
I bet nobody except God is as genius as Leonardo da Vinci, don't u agree ?


kevkie said...

Phil, for once a serious post :), you didn't down your daily dose of Carlsberg before writing this time? LOL. Da Vinci was indeed a great man, one much ahead of his time. You should check out his inventions (those he dreamed of)...really amazing stuff.

Phil's Blog said...

yeah i've checked-out his other works and also his diary .. all are up on display ... marvelous ...

co i went celebrate his invention with Botak Jones Brewisky Hoegaaden ... wakakakakakkkaa