Friday, August 21, 2009

Hat Yai exotic food ... yummy ....

sawatdeekap ...
i was at the night market in Hat Yai ... this place is packed
with locals and with varieties of local food and pastries and
also tonnes of types of cloths ...
we'll i'm no cloths fans .. so i roam around beside local
food i stumble on thai exotic food ... damn i was lucky ..
i though i can only meet em in Bangkok .. but here they are...
little creatures waiting for me to chump them up ...
yummylicious ..fried with thai herbs and spice ...
above was the infamous grasshopper ...
the trick to eat these is to plug the legs off because
it can be troublesome when it get stuck in between ur
gump and teeth .. not the whole leg .. just the feets off
then chump on it .... 
how it taste ? u gotta try these ... 
u see when i was pointing my finger trying to get the lady to
pack 1 cup each .. they notice that i'm not local .. so they
give me the smiley grin ... thinking that i ain't going to eat it
i might just buy it to take some picture of it ..
hell ur messing with bohausiaw here... i eat antyhing
that is eatable .. except human flesh ... hahahahahah
so i take some and i put it in my mouth and i give them
back the smiley grin look ... hahahahah
they laugh and applause hahahahaha
rah kah taw rai .... i asked ..
for 3 bags of incects .. just 60 baht .. that's RM6
 u can get these at local aquarium shop where they rare
arowana ... but problem is ... to cook with what herbs ...
these worms taste like prawns cracker .. but u need to 
take a big mouth full of em .. because if 1 or 2 ... u can't
really tell the taste ....
these is my favaurite ... i got no idea where to get these here
the taste is like taking Hay Koo or at times like the yoke of
century egg ... DAMN DELICIOUS !!!!!!!
 so i keep some for supper to show to my gf and her freinds
what i brought back from the market ...because they are
exchanging how nice is that dress... how cheap is that panties ...
how nice is the food ....
i tell them ... how nice is these .. to complement our beer drinking ..
they jump to their feet and scream their lungs out  !!!!
the local foodstall owner come to have a look and they laugh 
their ass off them wakakakakakakakaka
 i was told that beer at this hour is expensive .. abt 11pm
GMT 7 ... some locals i meet and became friends told me
to go 7/11 to get beers there ... i stumble upon a can that resemble
a chess marker .. and the best part was 7 was selling at
20baht .. that's eqv RM2 .... fuck !!!!
so i took 1 can and balance i took Singha for 35baht eqv RM3.50
because my principle of things is ... cheap things never come good
and good things never come cheap.. wakakakkaka
i was correct ... this Archa taste lame .... but for 20baht
it's hell bloody cheap booze in the world !!!
rah dree sa wat  (goodnite)

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