Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hoegaarden Bottles

Hoegaarden in a bottle ... we'll it sure taste
abit different then the drafts ...

the bottle has more kick... i think due to exporting
and storage calculation that they make it abit stronger
because in bottles, beers will be sold in shelves
and there is shelving life typically for beers ..
it's best to consume not more then 100 days
after it was bottle (locally brewed beers)
but typical imported beers has 360days shelving life ....

thus if my theory proves me right, bottles
beer might not be the freshest due to shelving
but extra ingredient are added to prolonged the
storage timeline ... thus the extra kick ....

beers in barrels are however best to consume
once open to tap withing 72 hours because due to
carbon dioxide (co2) agent present to push the beer
out of the tap ... it is a process of CO2 contamination
but dun fret ... that is just a scientific way of saying things

in layman terms .... not fresh after 72 hours ....
but still drinkable ... and i doubt not many can taste
the different even after 30days or even 60 days ....

you know ... majority of beer drinkers are out to get
high and drunk ...

what a sad story .. but truth always hurts hahahaha
i'm out to enjoy beer and to get to know more about em ....

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