Tuesday, July 14, 2009


there is nothing gay-ish here ...
Gaymer Cider Company attributed world 2nd largest
cider maker

Mulligans used to served these but due to unpopularity
they have stopped supplying ... so now i need to outsource
it myself ... ha ha ha

well this bottle of Gaymers is an alcoholic cider or hard cider
cider is pronounced as saider .... and it's tat bit different
cider that are used in the kitchen or use to bath ...

this cyder has undergone a degree of fermentation and
thus has a beerish taste like

it taste sweet, with light apple cyder taste and a punch
of beer ...

yah ... and that's bloody awesomely good !!!!

ok, it's bloody 4:30am now ... so i'll cut the crap and
you do you own reading on the label ...

good morning or good nite my dear readers ....

1 comment:

Benedict said...

Now mulligan no longer sell it but then where u get the gaymers cider now? Don;t tell me I can get it from gadgets deal :D