Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tombo Hinomaru Carving Knife

rated best of the best in the world, Tombo by Hinomaru
recognised by Japan tool carving association

i was thinking to start some carving many years back
since after my SPM (Form 3) aged 15, my carving
are not returned by my art teacher because.. as usual ...
i'm outstanding in carving hahahahahaha
so it has to be a souvenir to
any important guest to my school...
bloody hell !!! hahahahahahah
these tombo are the latest packaging but still hard to find
so far there are only 3 sets in Johor Bahru

so the search for TOMBO begun .....

last Saturday i went to Simpang Renggam to visit
my friend, actually to eat Simpang BEST Bak Choo Mee
hahhahahahahha belongs to my friends mom

since they have been operation for 2 decade or so
this Tombo just came up and i asked the mom is
there any stationary shops here are are about
2-3 decade long ? i was lucky, twas like a stone
throw from the food stall ... so i went to take
a look ...

the shop owner took up this set of Tombo but later
put it down and exchange another China made brand
because the appearance of these Tombo really looks
aged and old, but i took these tombo and asked for more

looks like these are the last set of Tombo the owner
has for like about more then 20 years now and i
asked for discount ... the owner denied and
explain to me that these are the best carving tools
made in japan and these are the last unit i have
and the price is not for nego because by now
if you can find, these set simply will cost RM50

so i kept quite since RM16.50 is really DIRT
CHEAP considering these set comes with 12 set
hahahahha so i paid and left ASAP hahahahah
i have the best bargain in town today hahahahaha
because the set of 5 above is RM29.50

not many will know these unless ur about my age....
die die must collect ... no more in the world !

wah lan eh... really sipeh stimmmmmmm
super rare Hinomaru Tombo carving knife
noting beat a Tombo because before that
i bought a Taiwanese brand and a China made
brand ... both.... CANNOT MAKE IT....
it's like i'm carving on a iron wood ....
though the wood i used was just Julutong
the best wood for carving

even my gf notice that tombo cuts julutong like
knife cutting a jelly .... really BOHAUSIAW !
ok here's my 10% of carving on the Jelutong wood ...
we'll it's hard to guess now so it's still a suprise to u ...hehehehe

and if u anyhow stumble upon old stationary ...
please asked if they have any TOMBO.. if they do
please contact me below ... i die die will buy all
their NOS (New Old Stock) because i'm thinking to
buy 10piece of 12"x24"x2" jelutong wood for my
new hobby .... carving lah.....

so i really need alot of tombo hahahhahahahha

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