Monday, June 22, 2009

Pontian Wanton Mee

 check it out ... now we can save the time and hassle
to travel to Pontian for their famous fried wanton
and wanton noodles because they are here @ Johor Jaya now !!
 nice setting .the setting with colorful stools and table ...
 we'll ..... the taste are close to Pontian Wanton Mee
but ... i'm not surprised by the taste ... 8/10
the fried wanton 8/10 too ...
with the brand name, i expect something similar
or better .... but i was sadden by the taste this shop offered ...
the secret recipe for Pontian Wanton Mee is the chili sauce
used ... it can bought at RM50 per 1 litre, so now any tom dick
or harry can make their own pontian wanton mee ... but i bet
there is more then meet the eyes ...
because i tried many hawker stall that sell pontian wanton mee
with that chili sauce ... but end up with different character
that mimic the original pontian wanton noodles ...
along Jalan Dedap13 along Hong Leong Bank

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