Monday, June 22, 2009

P1 Wimax Modem in detail (DS-300)

i received many inquiry on P1 Wimax modem setting, so here you are
in details ... really bohausiaw explanation hor
 so for DS-300 modem user, you can login to your modem's interface
by entering at your browser
User name : admin
Password : admin123
above picture are the main page or your P1 Wimax signal
status page and below is my translation...
RSSI = Received Signal Strength Indication, lower are better, so it's
best to position your modem at your house's window or door and try
to rotate 360 degree so to get the highest RSSI dBm
-30 to -50dBm is consider GOOD, so don't fret you have a - (negative)
integer, that is actually approx. 0.0005mW or approx.100-300 feet away
RSSI is always another way to determine how far is the base station to
your DS-300 in approx.
If you know the location of the repeater, then point to the repeater
so that your modem is on line-of-sigh with the base station
CINR = Carrier to Interference-plus-Noise Ratio, higher are better,
once you follow the tips on RSSI, consequencely CINR will be high
typical CINR reading is from 8 to 20 dB
TX Power = your DS-300 transmitting power to your nearest
base station, hi or low are determined by DS-300, there are calculation
done by RSSI value and CINR to determine the TX Power.
i bet the next question you wanna ask is .. how can i improved
or hack into my DS-300 ?
there is no way you can hack in unless, you improved the built-in TX/RX
antenna, and that will definately void the warranty.
my next project is to improved the built-in antenna, so
stay tuned 
FYI antenna used need to matched these modem
2.3 - 2.4 GHz (DS300)
2.5 - 2.7 GHz (DS250)
 3.3 - 3.6 GHz (DS350)
oh i received a call from my friends that just pops open my blog,
he says someone blogs about tuning or hacking DS-300
c'mon ... what can you hack with it ? it's like a router ...
and the best part is, we dun have the firmware and
the flash program for this specific hardware ...
so stop lying and stop whinning that you can hack or
tune your DS-300, get WRT54G on Streamyx
if you want to hack ... for that is a hackable router
all mother and sons knew it ...
have a nice day reading your RSSI, CINR and TX Power
status on ... dun lie .... ur watching it now ...
gotcha... hahahahhahhaa


BUG said...

Wahlau you nie. Where you got the modem's firmware access la? Thanks for sharing it out. Long live white hat.

Phil's Blog said...

thanks bro, i think the Hoegaarden makes me smarter at some point of time hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

actually if you know the ost account and password, you can hack and tune the settings. IF and only IF you know the real way.

hasrul akmal said...

bro.. just want to ask.. sorry if my question a bit stupid.. lol.. i got these readings..

RSSI = 50+~dBm
CINR = 29~30/29~30 (R3/R1)dB.
Tx power = ~11dBm

what is the best max reading i can try to get by adjusting the position so that i can get a constant high speed connection.


Anonymous said...

You still not satisfied with that which is consider high, that build a place under the repeater or tower.

Phil's Blog said...

to stay Anonymous & comment is the most farking coward thing to do ..

anyway .. F P1 Wimax, i have previously signed for 1 year, after the anniversary .. i have cancelled my account and call it a $ not worth spend Internet Service Provider .. with soooo many hiccups ... i had 365days with it .. i had enuff of this P1 SHIT .. so ur asking me to built a place under the repeater or tower .. means u have POOR KNOWLEDGE of how Radio Frequency works .... please go wikipedia and picks-up some skill before everyone signs up to P1 for their REPEATER and TOWER packages ... hahahahahaha