Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Leffe Belgium Beer

picture here is Leffe, pronounce as Leff-fur is a beer
from Belgium .. same country mates as Hoegaarden

Leffe has 7 different types and the type that i'm
having today is Leffe Radieuse and it's a proff 8.5%

we'll hmmmm i can't explain how the taste like
because i took a big gulp and only some left for the tasting

anyway ... dun fret ... i'll be back and i'll make sure
how it taste like hehehehehe

Sport Bar, along Coffee Trap and Mulligans ...
Permas Jaya ...

oh .. as usual... mention my name if ur there ..
u'll never know ... i may just be sitting beside u .. mate !


stay tune with the Leffe review on my next page ..
click Belgium Beer below here ...

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