Tuesday, June 23, 2009


we'll soon i can be a seafood trader hahahahaha
lala in a bag is freshly delivered by orang asli by the sea..
that's a 10 kg less 150gram hahahahahah

we'll if i say 1 KG is below RM4.50 i bet those that loves lala
would know the current market price selling in the market
and also seafood restaurant ...

we'll let just say that next time you need more then 10KG
just give me a call ... hahahahhahahaha

lala is much different then kepah ....
we'll i still find kepah nicer then lala .. but people beside me
says lala taste better then kepah ... we'll let just see when i

kepah or lala are saltwater creatures ...

tips for lala or kepah, if freshly bought from the sea or
market, you can soak it with water and it will still be
fresh for 2 days only ... after 2 days .. some will die and
the smell will definitely sting you dearly ...
else why in Chinese they call it .. *chau see hamm*

we'll ... i what can i say.... when i put in some Hua Tiao Chiew

we'll ... bloody 10/10 as what 5 star restaurant's taste
but make sure the Hua Tiao Chiew must be from the
original ... the above is priced at SGD 15.90 per bottle
not RM 15.90 hor .. that's sure a fakey/immitation

Authentic Hua Tiao Chiew has distinctive taste that
how to say aa ???? u go buy a bottle and try then you
know laa ... like cheap home made beer and imported
belgium or russian or irish beer .... got different laaa...

back to lala and kepah ... i still cannot decide which is
better then which ...

we'll if opportunity permits ... i shall cook both
together and taste it ... so that it would not be a
biased judgement ....

till then .... i'm looking for other types of sea shells
seafood to cook and eat .....

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