Monday, May 25, 2009

Nasi Lemak Senibong new car park fee

yes ... you've been there and so does your freinds and
relatives i bet ... so no point blogging about how great
these nasi lemak was ...

check this out ... was there last 2 weeks ago ...
now you need to pay RM2 for a carpark

RM2 is really peanut for me ... but when you come to your
senses ... paying RM2 for a carpark just to get yourself a
dinner at this kampung senibong is really BLOOD SUCKING

if they we're to charged ... i think RM1 is still reasonable..
but RM2 .... really KNN PKM HLK
is abit too much for that makan place ...

so i asked the nasi lemak's stall owner .. a friend of my gf,
she says ... business is effected and she too, do not agree
on paying for a carpark @ this free goverment land, but
she says the head of the kampung decided it needed to..

to what ????

knn... MALAYSIA BOLEH !!!!


Benedict said...

Phil, I also kena the parking coupon too when I went Senibong last month at about 7pm. But I been there twice this month and I got free parking when pass through the one way road entrance at about 5pm. Probably they want to encourage earlier birds and those late comers will be suck :P

Anywhere RM 2 for limited and narrow parking space is real suck and I don't see they use the $$ for any improvement in the area. Rubbish still everywhere beneath the floating restaurants and along the beach.

cy said...

ya realli suck.
went in @bout 6+ nid2 pay. ask the guy "ada parking tak? tak ada refund a"
he said yes got alot.
damn. when got in no parking. park all the way to an empty space infront of other ppl house after a few in n out turning. when we go out n come in again wan ask the stupid guy wheres the space he was talking about hes gone.

does that mean coming in after that no nid to pay rm2?

siao man. if u eat RM10, pay RM2 for parking, means an extra 20% on ur food.

also talk to the makcik, she oso sien. those who decided this realli no brain sia.

Phil's Blog said...

agree... narrow parking lot and rubbish everywhere ...

really pissed me off .. sipeh dulan

pity that you paid RM2 with no empty lot ... anyway can't blame them much... since this RM2 parking fee is no brainier ... so don't expect they have brain to control the traffic via 1st in 1st out or simply ... use 2 way walkie talkie can solve their problem.. opps i forgot .. they are brainless ...

Anonymous said...

went there yesterday.So many people!!!!They parked until the entrance uphill.Nobody collect the parking fees.Noticed brown signboard stated that the area is now Pusat pelancongan under kementerian...hmmm i forgot.but its good more parking fees.Now there are parking space painted.Some moron took two parking lot!!!damn stupid it's just a kelisa though.fuck that guy.But not sure either it is ramadhan or they did not collect for the public ares.But i noticed the area which infront of vilagers house behind the mosque,they collect some fees. :) Theres a new jetty. :).