Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chicken in a biskit - Nabisco

HELP !!!!! since chickedees reminds me of my
childhood junk food ... this Chicken in a Biskit
suddenly crossed my mind ...

i'm bloodily looking for these in Malaysia and Singapore
and still in vain ...

if you know the whereabout .. please let me know

update (27-May-2009) 12:38pm
I just got a phone call from Mr. John Mok from
Kraft Biscuits Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd
located at Tampoi Johor Bahru,
he advice me that i can get my long lost favaurite
chicken in a biskit in COLD STORAGE SINGAPORE !!!

we'll... this is what i call SERVICE !!!!!

i hope our Malaysian business entity can follow
these example and not tidak apa attitude

KUDOS to Kraft or Nabisco .. i give u a 9/10
before i eat your biscuit


cy said...

ha this one quite nice but got 1 flavour i think onion sour cream or wat, eat liao cannot stop, haha think too much msg, unstoppable. lol~

Phil's Blog said...

yes yes yes the onion sour cream really sipeh stimm ...

if u like onion sour cream .. then u need to read my blog on Auntie Anne's pretzels

you know .. the CEO of Aunty Annes drop me an e-mail for this ... got time i show u ... hahahahaahha

this shows ... some ppl really care about the product .. they reach out to their customer .. personally !!!

like Nabisco, they called me up and point me the location ..

really bohausiaw ...

Anonymous said...

Hiya Phil! Bumped into your blog when I googled Nabisco Chicken in a biscuit LOL

Anyways, we can all now buy it from Village Grocer. They import it from Australia and it is yummy~~~

Phil's Blog said...

Where is Village Grocer ???

Phil's Blog said...

Anyway ... i already found several in Singapore ... typically at Cold Storage ... yummyyy