Wednesday, April 29, 2009

R/C Grand Prix Johor Bahru City Square

i was actually covering the SHELL (petrol) event ... but
i notice there are another even on-going ...
my old hobby .. R/C (remote control) Car Grand Prix ...
we'll the crowd was soo overwhelmed that i can't get to squeeze
my way in the grass ... hahahah so here's what i got ...
an accident ... duh ...
about less then a decade ago i was playing Kyosho
i think it's VR1 ... or something ... i was the 1st few
that owned this latest glow (nitro fueled) machine ..
playing at Bakawali track (Johor Jaya)
i gave up the hobby because within 6 months i spend
more then RM10K on the maintenence ...and fuel ...
i had soo much crashed that i end up broke !
ok back to reality ... the above picture are battery powered..
if you think nitro beats them with the F1 roaring sound ..
you bet with the sound but actual speed ...
battery operated really KICK ASS ... because there is no
lag of trottle ...
and of cos 1 bastard that never pays me back my money
when i sold it off with my M2 controller ... you know who
you are ... i'll see u in hell to settle the score ...
ok u go read on wikipedia because i'm tat sleepy now ..

machines, controllers, charges & DIY cooling fans ...
typical R/C kakis hehehehehhehe of cos not to miss
is the tool box ... hahahahahah

not much about the coverage because everybody are
packing up their stuff laa ....
i was late to know about this, anyway ... i'm actually
covering SHELL remember ???

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