Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nuvi 205W

tadaa .... my new toy ... i just bought it from
@ RM840 with pre-loaded City Navigator USA 48 states NT
we'll that's the current offer and promotion they have on stock..
so what the hell lah ... to get Malaysia or Singapore or even
Thailand and any other neighbouring country's map are
just a few clicks away ..., anyway this units is USA model...
meaning it should be more expensive because USA map
usually cost alot more lah .. as usual ....
anyway ...
 i have downloaded maps from
latest version v1.52
yeah .. this site sure we'll to be mentioned because there is
no nonsense just click download and there u have FREE
Malaysia and Singapore maps and u can add it with
the POI (Point Of Interest) and even TOPO maps
all FREE !!!!
ok if you should ask ... malsingmaps or malfreemaps ..
go do your own A B comparison because it can be
pretty biased and i'm in a good mood to show u what
Nuvi 205W has that my old Nuvi 301 do not have
anyway there are many things that this new Nuvi beats
my old Nuvi 301, in terms of voice clarity, screen
resolution, brightness and satellite lock....
and of cos ... wide screen matters !!!!
ok ok here's what i do ....
1st  ... i went to garmin to register ...
then i update the USA map .. it;s free for 1 time update
and since i have activated my Nuvi so i have 60days to
update the free update USA map lah ...
then i went to update my software to version 5.00
from version 4.50... this means now i have additional
program like ecoRoute
ecoRoute is a program where u can input your
type of gasoline/ Petrol price / liter and City mileage/100km
and Highway mileage /100km
example for my car
Petrol $ 1.80/liter
Urban 1.80/l00km
Sub Urban 1.5/100km
so when u travel it will gives u
Distance = 0.00km
Time travel = 00:00
Cost of Fuel Used = $0.00
Average Fuel Economy = 0.0L/100km
Carbon Footprint = 0.00kg
Fuel Used = 0.0L
for cars that do not comes with electronics fuel
calculator that calculates your mileage over petrol
now with this new feature you are able to tell
how petrolhead are your vehicle ...
we'll i just finish updating so of cos i have no data
to share for now wakakakakka
but typically my car runs at 15km/l to 18km/l
depends on my mood laa
that's translate to 400km++ per 33litre
thats 400km++ = RM 60
not bad huh ....
so i'm going to see how this ecoRoute compare
with my car's computer ... it should give the same
reading +/- traffic jam and my drunk driving
anyway ... for RM840 .. it's a steal !!! ..
and i heard from gadgetsdeal,
they might bundle with 2GB SD preloaded with
Malaysia and Singapore map ... i dunno...
u know me ... i cannot wait when i saw any gadgets 
thats soooooo in my reach ....
as if the nuvi 205w are saying ...
bring me home ... bring me home papa !!!!
anyway .... wide screen do matters !!!!
anyone interested in my Nuvi 301 ???

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