Sunday, April 26, 2009

GlobalSET - Region III HQ 18 April 2009

this chicken got nothing to do with GlobalSET but..... we're borrowing
the chicken's shack to put up our antenna ... so that's the reason i need
to put up this chiken's picture in respect of utilising their shack ...
that's 9W2DAL with his jelopy and his proud antenna ...
notice the antenna's stand is supported by his rear wheels ...
this evening ... we have six HF antenna all over 9W2JOH's factory ..
it's like we're going for war ... wakakakakakkaka
as the topics says ... this time around 9M4CSJ (JASRA Club Callsign)
will be the HQ of GlobalSET (Global Simulated Emergency Test)
in conjunction with Amateur Radio International Day that's 18-April-09
here's 1 row of HF's set @ 9W2JOH's shack ..
that's the owner of the shack and his beloved Kenwood TS2000
working on 7.060Mhz
we're trying to note down the messaged relayed to us the HQ for
region 3
of cos ... we need a little break ....
2 of our SWL are helping our elmer 9M2NP
my station is full of QSO's and many did not know what this
frequency are in use for GlobalSET ....
elmer 9M2NP confirming relayed message to HQ
9W2DAL assisting SWL of cos we have time to pose ... HAM
is all about Hobby, Friendship and lotsa FUN !!! haahahahahaha
JASRA HQ for Region III =>

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