Saturday, April 4, 2009


i know i'm soo late to blog about it ...
i was in KL for the DCIM model search ...
anyway ...before the Malaysian Earth Hour
on the 28th March 2009, i received a call from
home ... yeah .. my Mom called and reminds me
to switch off the light for 1 hour on Saturday 28th March
we'll i was suprise that my Mom staying in a Kampung
house in Muar with my Dad are actualy anticipated and
has been preparing for this day ... my ooo my ...
what have those 2 old man got into ??? really eat
free nothing to do ???
we'll actually it's no shame but infact hey I'm DAMN PROUD
that my parents are actually supporting the Enviroment 
though at their age and staying in a hut with no lights is
actually BLOODY DANGEROUS because
theives might break into the house, snakes might crawls in,
centepete and scorpions might lurks in and i can't
think more other wild incencts and animal that
would harm this 2 old man .... and yah ...
mosquitoes ...
anyway they have prepared like i said ...
my mom told me dad has take the precaution and
there are candles at home too ...
hmmmm i just hope and pray that they would not
burn the house down ... anyway .. they are old enough
to understand this and to take care of themselves ..
though i was still worried ...
anyway ... mom called up all my brothers...
hahahahahah she's a real environmentalist !!!
so shame on us if we did not do our part ..
and yah SHAME ON YOU TOO if u do not
switch of the light at that time ...
anyway back to my KL trip ...
i can say ... at that house i was @ the Curve ..
so i didn't switch on any lights ... i just merely walking
at the walkway and noticing some shops are we'll dark
with candles and i was we'll glad that some operators
do play their part and i was told KLCC too switch
off their spotslight so to say you can see any
twin tower at that hour laa ..
anyway i just notice the shop that was dark is a beer
garden and it's normally dimmed ... basket ... hahahahaha
the joke was on me then hahahahahaha
anyway ...i do wish that you played your part
in supporting Earth Hour 2009 and i do hope
next year i'll have the apportunity to play my part....

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