Friday, April 10, 2009

Blood Drive Compaign

i might be a sucker or loser or and ass@@@
but i'm a dedicated BLOOD DONOR
so for those that they think that donating blood is a sin
or a stupid thing to do or against ur religion ...
think again ... you might need it if ur involved in
an accident or illnesses (yes i know ur touching wood)
or think again .. if ur family members ...
worse of ur children needed it due to incident above ...
if they needed blood .. then think carefully ....
where u think the blood comes from ??
carrefour ? giant ? tesco ? econsave ? wet market ?
don't be an ignorant bast@rd
the blood comes from blood bank that people like
me and other donor donated ...
u know why i get so excited ? because there are
people out there that they think the world are
indebted to them ... F#&K YOU !!!
your are actually indebted to the world or to
your country and to you brothers and sisters
and to your religion ...
be civic mided person or human being ......
in Malaysia, we're really in need of blood because
our blood bank are always in the LOW because
we're world rank 10 highest accident prunt country ..
yah you might say ... not ur business but please
remember this ..
you do not look for trouble .. ok you think ur safe
but the best thing is .... trouble always will
find a way to look for you ...
donating blood is just merely 25min procedure
just a prink of needle to determine ur blood type
is just merely an ant bite ...
the procedure are usually done by the pros ...
if ur scared .. look for the oldest mee cee .. (nurse)
because in their lifetime they have been poking
like a million or 2 .. so they really really really
know where they are poking ....
we'll always think ... a bag of blood that you
donated saves 1 lives ... that will surely
comfort you till the day that you die and
when the judgement day comes ...i guess your
God might contra some of ur Sins that you do
in Earth and maybe you'll have
an express ticket to heaven ...
always remember ... we live in this world
merely temporary ... but the life thereafter are forever
don't be a jack@ss or a selfish bast@rd
donate blood now since you still can ...
and hope that you'll not be donated !
so with all the curses that i've made for you
here's the venue for this month Blood Donating
12-April-2009 = City Square Johor Bahru
19-April-09 = Plaza Tasek Tmn Ungku Tun Aminah
09-May-2009 = Di Zi Gui Centre, 20, Jln Setia Indah 3/3
17-May-2009 = SJK(C) Sawit, Kulai
24-May-2009 = Pelangi Leisure Mall, Tmn Pelangi
14-June-2009 = Perling Mall, Tmn Perling
21-May-2009 = SJK9C) Tiram, Ulu Tiram
plan your date, time are 10am till 4pm
24 hours before donating, please ... do not take any
drugs (panadol etc.etc) or alcohol
if your to donate, please take care of your
well being ... if ur sick on that day (flu, etc etc) please
choose another day ...
thanks in advance to those that plans to donate
and also to regular donour tooo
to those that are still skeptical ... please ...
read this blog over and over again with both
your hand on ur chest ....
those that cannot donate in view of your heatlh
your exemted from the curse ... may you get
well soon and donate.
till then ... happy saving lives !!!!

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