Tuesday, March 24, 2009

P1 Wimax quality

enuff is enuff ... bloody hell P1 Wimax PING SUCK !!!!
definately not for gamers ....
1st was Streamyx for the poor upload and download ...
now .. P1 Wimax joins the bandwagon
they can't catchup with the PING
although it has superb upload and download data rates..
but gamers depends on PING rate ....
above picture telling me i was kick out of the game server
because my ping can't catchup with the rest of the gamers...
all the gamers has 10 to 100ms (miliseconds) ping rate
and i had 235miliseconds .. that's bloody lagging
that's translate to .. if ur not a gamer or catch no ball..
.. when ur in a game ...
ur enemy can see you coming wheres you can't see them
because your lagging behind .. so when they shot you ..
about 4 to 5 shot with a pistol ... you'll get killed
and from your screen ... you just got the last shot
and ur dead .... you don't even had time to prone
or avoid the bullet coming because ur simply lagging..
that's what i can summarise ... anyone knows which
ISP has both world or good data rates and low PING ???
in Malaysia .. dun tell me Thailand cos' they have 22 ISP
and i can say half of them are better then ours ...
Singapore .. we're lagging 10 years of their speed
Indonesia has 2 Nusantara and Telematica
both exceed our data rates and ping ..
and don;t be suprise that all our neighbouring countries
host GAMING SERVER for FPS (First Person Shooter)
not those below 3 years old lego game ok....FPS require
more data speed and lowest ping then hosting PLAYBOY website
because in gaming .. you can't wait for the centrefold girls
to load ....
and i never seen any Malaysian gaming server because...
Malaysia Boleh !

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