Friday, March 20, 2009

Curry Chicken in 30minutes

it's been a month plus of my disappearence ....
was quite bz with everthing .... (to keep it short)
so to start my blog ... here's one HOT CHICKEN CURRY

pretty simple to do actually ...
  1. 1 pack of readymade curry paste (Adami Pes Kari Sebaguna)
  2. 5 pcs of potato
  3. 5 pcs of ladysfinger
  4. 50g of tauki (tofu skin)
  5. 4 pcs chicken drumstick, cut into smaller pieces
  6. 4 pcs of bawang merah
  7. 20g of ginger
  8. 2 stick of serai

where to start ?

  1. skinned the potato, boil it for like 20min with slow fire
  2. soak the tofu skin with hot water
  3. cut the ladyfinger
  4. pound the bawang merah with ginger
  5. low fire, fried the pounded bawang merah+ginger and daun serai
  6. pour in the curry paste .... cook for like 2 mins on slow fire
  7. add in the chiken, potato, tofu skin and ladyfinger ...
  8. add in 500ml of boil water, cover the wok
  9. salt to taste, no coconut milk required (low colestrol and fat)
  10. every 15sec stir the work because the curry migh charred at the bottom of the wok
  11. poke the chicken with a fork ... see if it's cooked ...
  12. dish out when it's cook.... eat it with plain white rice ....

level of difficulty 2/10
overal time taken 30mins

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