Saturday, February 7, 2009

Starbucks wifi new interface, faster speed !

i used to surf at starbucks ... they use to have pre-paid wifi services
from .. arghh shit i forgotten, the package is like
RM24 for 1 months and RM36 for 3 months ...
then afterwards they have streamyx hotspot services ... about
RM24 per months prepaid
and then soon afterwards .. free WIFI hahaha from TIME
that's actually under DIGI ISP lah ...
it started pretty we'll .. i mean the internet speed ... but soon
it got very congested ... getting slower and slower ...
last few months ago i came with my bros ...
3 of us ... we sit down to have discussion and online
the speed sucks .. so lucky me to bring along my
n-draft linksys router with my P1 Wimax, we by-pass
the free wifi from Starbucks ...
we'll i was informed by my technie colleage mate that
works in internet infrastructure down in Singapore
that Starbucks are revamping their wifi services ...
today i notice the speed, the ping and i'm bloody
we'll HAPPY with the new services ...
i think i'll bring my gaming rig here and play online
liaw hahahhahahah
similiar speed as my Wimax knn hahahahahaha
although your frappuchino mocha sucks but i don't mind if u give me
this speed .... hahahahaha


Danny Foo said...

The one's I've been to in KL revamped their access method. Instead of seeing the stupid TIME thing (which your account can expire), you'll see an advertisement then once ended you'll be able to login.

But it's not implemented throughout all the Starbucks just yet.

Phil's Blog said...

bro.. same laa ... we need to watch advertisement b4 we can login

it has been implemented all starbucks in MY, my ex-colleague mate informed me ...

sipeh fast sial hahahhahha