Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lontong Kering

check the date ....
i had a morning call about 7:45am ... no not from any chicks
but from 9W2BUG Jaya ... we're going up the hills to repair
the local JASRA repeater that was down for a month or 2 now
so here we came to this shop that i die die remember
5 years ago or so .. they served the best longtong kering
so below .. feast ur eyes on the same damn thing
i had it and die die remember it ...
this is jaya's he don't take mutton ... so he opts for the fried
chicken ... i asked him ... hows the chicken .. he replied
like normal fried chicken lah ... hahaha i kenot tahan.....
as if he was hinting me something ... hahahahahha

wah lau eh ... this is mine laaa
let me tell u ... 1 plate not enuff ... but it just that i wake up
too darn early for heavy breakfast because i sleep at 4am
playing battlefield online so i had about 3 hours and 45mins
of sleep only ...
die die must try ...9.8/10 because the gravy comes with
the mutton curry is too stingily little ....
the mutton is SUMILICIOUS !!! nuff said !
the rest can be opted ...

this shop laa ...

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