Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Loh Ak - Marinated Duck for Chinese New Year reunion dinner

this is the time of the year for celebration
last year i forgot to note it down my mom's recipe ... this year ...
i took it down with picture hahahaha
last year the loh ak was 50/50 me and my mom
this year i have the honour to cook for the family 100% hahhahh
so here's the recipe ...
1. a 3KG++ duck
2. 300g of ginger
3. 50cent of 5 spices
4. 3 cloves of garlic
5. 3 table spoon of dark soy source
6. 2 sablespoon of salt
7. light soy source
8. 350g of cane sugar
ginger ... no need to slice it ... just cut into big chunck
a RM0.50 cent of 5 spices is more then enuff ..
rubb it all over the duck with salt
3 cloves of garlic ... no need to skin it
u need the conventional stove to have the best aroma
and of cos .. a bloody aged wok hahaahhaha
stir fried ginger, garlic with sugar till it browns
dump the duck in and stir fried
add cooked boiling water, dark source souce and light soy souce to taste
remember to keep turning so that the meat will be equally cooked..
of cos for the hard work i deserve some beer ....
i think i can sell this to antics shops down in jonker walk ...
once the duck is cooked .. about 3 hours with slow fire under a
charcoal stove ... cut it into little pieces and cooked it with the marinated
souce b4 serving ...
this is my 2nd marinated duck hahhahaha just show u the end product
because the step is as per above...

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