Saturday, February 7, 2009

Char Siew Meng Meng Johor Jaya

this is my 3rd time posting on Meng Meng herbal duck ..
no choice ... i got the charsiew crave most of the time hahahaha
this time around ... i called the mix herbal duck and charsiew ..
RM7 for this plate and RM 1.20 for the oily rice
total damage + RM 1.20 for the barley water RM 9.40
i say cheappppp because it's really damn good !!!
zoom zoom zoom ...  this time around i ordered lean charsiew ..
same taste ... bloody good ..
so good that i cannot tahan i tapau RM14 of charsiew ... FYI
the charsiew package comes in RM7 minimum...

1 comment:

diamler said...

Drove to Jalan Dedap 7 just to find your recommendation.

No regrets!

14Rm well spent!