Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Taiwanese Snack food Johor Bahru

wanted to blog about this looong time ago
anyway here's the goodies ..
fried 1/2 bird chicken with glutinous flour
+ white pepper powder + red hot pepper
powder ... = damn GOOD !
here's the story ... though it's didn't talk much about this
food ....  except the below URL to join their franchise... knn betul
this is a 1/2 of the 1/2 bird ... i separated it because someone
is sharing the other 1/2 laaaaa .... duh
sumilicious deep fried chicken .. very soft and tender ... it must
be FRESH !!!
notice the black and white pepper powder and the *Ma Lakk*
red pepper powder .... wah lau eh ... beh tahan ....
actually i always ask for the SUPER MA LAKK .. meaning
double the amount of the Red Pepper powder .... super siok !
die die must try if ur not that full or hungry .. because this is just
a snack ... u'll need 3 of them to be really full hahahahhaha
location, Basement 1 food cout centre @ City Square
Johor Bahru.  1 pcs RM 7.00 nett
worth every penny .... go try ... NON HALAL ...

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