Thursday, January 8, 2009

Auntie Anne's Pretzel Johor Bahru

one of my fav ... @ pelangi plaza .... i say the price is much much
much reasonable then Lavender carrot cut cake house ...
reasonable price with good quality food
cute chicks doing the pretzel ... hahahaha
sour cream and onion are my long time favourites .. second
is the seaweed ... anyway .. just ask for more seasoning hahahahah
pics above is not a defect ... i'm just too hungry i forgot to take a
picture of it ... when i realise ... here's the shot hahahahhahaa
eat it while it's hot ...  10/10


QuaChee said...

like sour cream too. think its one of the more popular one :)

Phil's Blog said...

i had a visitor that left a comment down in my guestbook ... wow ... hahahahahha

the popular ones depends on location bro ... down in PJ many likes the seaweed ... down in KL .. mixture of taste ... because i love eating pretzels .. so evertime i'm outstation ... pretzels is my food .. and famous amos too .. hehehhehhe

Anonymous said...

I looooove toasted almond!!!!! I am looking for coupons and can't seem to find any. ugh!

Kie-yu said...

me love it too!