Wednesday, December 17, 2008 is giving away free 2GB microSD @ phil's stuff blog

read, comments, subscribe my blog and ur in the running
to win Kingston 2GB Micro SD Card with SD Card adaptor
so i don't care where are u from, so long u have an address
i'm post to you ... how about that ?
now tell me which blog gives free stuff ????
anyway .. freestuff are from the guys from
they claimed their camera price beats any mother and son's price ..
we'll logon to and check it out lah ...
terms and condition apply:
 the rules is ... i'm happy with u ... i give u
if i'm not happy with u .. then make me happy, they i give u ...
rules 2 is ... no free lunch ... u make me happy i give u ..
eh i don;t want to repeat and repeat .. i give FREE so u need
to use ur creativity laa ...... duh!
10 pcs 2GB microSD is given FREE by
i took 1 pcs .... F##K because i'm the owner of this blog.
so now left 9pcs
minus 1 for my lucky reader # 1,000 by the nick of PPM38HL
balance 8pcs ...

tips ???? go read all my blog ... there are 2 blog with hell
alot of tips ... ur lazy to read ?? then go F spider...hahahahha
don't believe ? because i bohausiaw ....

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Anonymous said...

I would love a free sd card !
plus if you want a free ipod go to