Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fish Cake Noodles

AK Eating house or local call it by
Ah Koon Yong Tau Fu, notice the shop name
is actually called Ah Koong but we call it Ah Koon
open everday stands for ? MONEE FACE !!!
noodles .. so so ... if u called Hot.. then be prepare to
eat alot of chilli oil .. rather then eating the ingreadients ..
this is a NO NO for Diet consious people ... 5/10
this will cost u an arm and leg ...
it's the same thing .. only different angle ... this is soo
expensive i took like 20 frame of it ...
this is one of the star of the menu ... Fish Cake
RM 4.00 per pcs .. so dun think this lil piece is RM0.80
like what u buy from the wet market hor ... this AK eating
house is a real SAMURAI ... bloody famous for cutting
patrons troat on a bloody day light.... meaning ..
very very very expensive place to eat ....
but don't worry, this place is FULLY Packed on Weekends
with 95% customers from Singapore
prawn cake ... always very SALTY .. but this time around
just a few mg less saltly .. still BLOODY SALTY !
u guess how how this set cost .......
with drinks it's RM24.50.. so if ur on budget .. stay away...
if u want ur head to be cut right off .. please welcome
and if u think ur super low in blood pressure... please order
more prawn cake .. it will shoot ur blood pressure pretty high ...
i think this drink cost me RM3.00 ... hmmm i know i'm rich...
this is the cheapest food around, 3 pcs for RM2.00
taufu skin with a rub of fishcake ...
Overall ... food quality is 6/10
Price is really 1/10
bloody hell i always swear not to come here .. but no choice
at times my customer die die want to come to this place
because he says very famous in Johor Bahru ....
actually he didn't know it's famous for it's lousy food,
super overly priced and very salty soup ....
stay away .. unless ur backside itch ..

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