Thursday, December 4, 2008

Steamboat Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru steamboat has some signature in it ...
we have live prawns to grilled, bbq or cooked under varieties
of soup, such as Tom Yam, Herbal Chicken, Chicken stock
and many more ...

this is what i had earlier today ... oyster souce marinated
drummet ... thin fine slices of pork belly and marinated pork ...

slices of ham, curry marinated drummet, curry marinated
prawns ...

these are the live prawns cooked under the steamboat ...

i try to list down a few that i patron quite regular ...
we're fan of steamboat ... like 8 times a months or soo ..
i have too many great friends that i need to entertain at times..
so the total 8 times i went out steamboat .. are with different
groups of friends ... ha ha ha ... the reunion is dinner is
too common for me now ...

1. RAWA, the only HALAL steamboat i know, behind leisure mall,
next to KIM Kopitiam ... just steamboat, no grilled platter ...
count per food that you take... all are quality food just that too
bloody expensive .. for 2 person it will easily go over RM 1o0
of cos by the rate that i eat ... i will call anything that pleases
my soul ... what for going for steamboat if you only call vege
rite ?

2. End of Jalan Serampang ... both steamboat and grill platter,
the only thing i hate about this place is they use styrofoam plate
so when u grilled any meat or seafood, it will melt the styrofoam
and i bet some toxic will stick to your food .... the rest is OK.
count per head.. don't miss the marinated chicken and pork
die die must try ...

3. Ho Ho Steamboat, Taman Molek, also no grill platter ... the
seafood is fresh, do not miss the thin sliced pork belly,
deep fried fish head, sclices of fish meat and the fish ball ...
die die must try ... i'll blog this separately ... watch out this

4. Pandan Steamboat, i forgot the name, but just beside Pandan
The Store, or opposive Informatic building ... they say they
server more then 100 kinds of food, but i never actually count
it laa .. the most varieties of steamboat goodies, but quality
so so only, don't miss the live prawns and some marinated
chicken and pork ... the rest of the fishball .. low quality ..
tips .... peel the prawns and cooked it with the sambal ...
on the grilled platter...that's the best combination there ...

5. Jalan Dedap 1st floor, along Hong Kong Boy ... the last i checked
already no more in business..... theirs are quality too ...

6. Just beside Pandan Steamboat, there is another steamboat
restaurant, the other side of The Store, food quality so so
but place is packed with teenage boys and gals because
there is a stage that you can karaoke ..... they also have
this BBQ pit that you can BBQ whatever you feel it can
be BBQ ..... i would want to come to this place again
because the last i went ... i was 1/2 full tank already ...

7. Taman Ungku Aminah, beside the big monsoon drain ..
the picture above is from this location ... same boss as
the Pandan Steamboat ... so the food is about the same ..
just that this place do not have that sambal that i can
cook with the live prawns .... food quality ... low ....

i think that is all the places i go around every week or weekend ....

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